Gaia GPS, one of our favorite navigation apps, just announced a new Native Land Territories map layer that’s now available in the mobile and desktop applications. Learn more here…

Gaia GPS is a great tool for navigation and route analysis while out riding. We’re excited to see another layer added to its already impressive toolset. Now you can learn more about the land you travel through with the new Native Land Territories map, available for free in the Gaia GPS app and web map. This new map layer, created by the Canadian non-profit Native Land Digital, marks traditional Indigenous territories across the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, and, increasingly, worldwide. Find their quoted press release below and learn more over at

  • Gaia GPS Native Lands map layer
  • Gaia GPS Native Lands map layer
From Gaia GPS:

Many outdoor recreation areas, including national parks and wilderness areas, exist on lands where Indigenous tribes were forcefully removed. The Native Land Territories map provides a starting point for deepening understanding of those Indigenous nations’ people, history, and culture. When you’re out on a hike, tap a location on the map to see the nation’s name. Tap the information button for a link to see more about that nation.

The additional information page enables you to contact the Indigenous nation and access information about their language, history, and land. The marked territories do not represent or intend to represent any Indigenous nation’s official or legal boundaries. They serve as a visual representation and educational tool to begin engaging with the complex history of Indigenous nations around the world.

Citing Land Acknowledgements

Use the Native Land Territories map to research and cite land acknowledgments, which pay homage to the past and present occupants of the land. Native Lands Digital and the Native Governance Center explain why and how you can make a land acknowledgment. To find out how to use the Native Land Territories map and deepen your knowledge even further, read Native Land Digital’s Teachers Guide.

This map is available for all Gaia GPS users for free in the iOS and Android app and on To access Native Land Territories offline, get a Gaia GPS premium membership, and download the map before you head out. Please note that this map is a work in progress with contributions from the community. You can contribute by sending any errors you find to via this contribution form.



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